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Practical Casting A Studio Reference
« on: May 14, 2008, 07:15:38 AM »
Practical Casting
A Studio Reference
revised edition
by: Tim McCreight
Brynmorgen Press
ISBN# 0-9615984-5-X
spiral lay flat binding
I will admit up front that I'm a fan of McCreights books. I have a number of them. Most of them in fact other than the new ones as he is moved in the Metal clays direction. and I'm not into that yet.

This is a small work as casting goes around 150 pages. And handbook size 6"x9". It is filled with the clear concise drawings.

    * Modelmaking
    * Sprue Systems
    * Investing
    * Burnout and Melting
    * Throwing the Casting
    * Direct Methods
    * Sand Casting
    * Casting Pewter
    * Flexible Molds
    * Foundry Casting
    * Special Casting
    * Glossary and reference, along with the do it your self chapter tabs pages

It covers and gives an over view of casting it is slanted toward wearable jewelery type but casting is casting only the scale change.

He covers each item be it tool or process or procedure, in its section and combines them into the steps to do it. Whether it is (throwing) centrifugal,sling, or steam casting. Or the simple things of casting pewter. That are often overlooked in other books on casting.

If you are just thinking I might want to try it or want to get an idea of what is needed and what it takes to get started. Then this is the one for you.
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