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Color on Metal
« on: May 14, 2008, 07:17:35 AM »
Color on Metal
50 artists share insights and tecniques
by: Tim McCreight &Nicole Bsullak
Guild Publishing
copyright 2001

It is more of a look what is being done on metal in the world of finishing book. Rather than a book on techniques. It does have some limited explanations of what some are at the start of the book.

It is divide into 5 sections

    * Introductions
    * Patina's
    * Enamels
    * Paints and Resins
    * Avant-Garde

It takes one from the standard use of patinas. To the use of them with non standard, or an assortment of combinations of techniques.
Filled with a two page spread on the artist one of the sort of bio/explanation of what they are doing. And another of a page filling color shot of one of the items.
Not all are small or jewelery, sculptures collages and others fill the book.
Form the use of litho printed (tin cans) steel biscuit and other containers, to the use of colored pencils,pastel,chalk and then sealed with some from of clear fixative.
From plating used in combo with patina, metal powder, and paint.
Or the use of glass added to work for color. Or the use of anodizing layering on of different colors to build up a patina like surface.
Using resin to cover and attach rice, wheat and spices as the color elements along with oxidation and patinas to evoke responses.
From using water based acrylic paints on oxidized steel sections, the oxidation gives tooth for the paint to bite into. Then it is mounted to a silver backing frame pin base.
Or using plasti-dip rubber tool coating as the finish.
The Chasing and Repousee gives a very good, surface for the use of prismacolor pencils. Giving a unlimited color palette to combine with patina's and the addition of wood and mirror applica's for color and texture.
It does gives some addition tips in the artist bio section if the techniques is out there so to speak.
This book is great eye candy and thought provoking, can I add that to my work type. A lot of the works are on copper and steel.
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