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Metalworking for Jewelry
« on: May 14, 2008, 07:20:59 AM »
Metalworking for Jewelry
by Tim McCreight
Van Nostrand Reinhold
ISBN# 0-442-26143-8

This is the for runner of the Complete Metalsmithing books. It covers most of the basic areas of metal work. And its application to jewelry work. If you have any of the editions of the Complete Metalsmith books you really don't need this one.
There are some areas that have changed or been left out of his newer books. Along with some that are expanded from a section to a chapter with sub sections. B&W photos, drawings in the 70's style, they look so heavy compared to the style to day. Still they do show what he is explaining in the text.
I came across this one at a gem and mineral swap and shop. If you are into books. And like to see the changes an author or their work go through then pick up a copy of this.
Or if you would like to see a early jewelry teaching text, than this is the one.
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