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Metal Technic
« on: May 14, 2008, 07:19:29 AM »
Metal Technic
A Collection of Techniques for Metalsmiths
Edited by Tim McCreight
Brynmorgen Press
ISBN# 0-9615984-7-6
Trade paper back

    * Sterling Granulation
    * Neillo
    * Anticlastic Raising
    * Nonconforming Dies
    * Cold connections
    * Introduction to Form Folding
    * Toolmaking for Jewelers
    * Kum-Boo: 24K overlay on silver
    * Depletion Gilding on Tumbaga Alloys
    * Patination
    * The Instant Etch Process
    * Reticulation
    * Glossary

This is another of the great samplers,teasers,nibble at techniques. If you are looking to expand your scope. This is the one for you, his book covers and are named with the metalsmith in mind.

I've told people that jewelery is just metalworking or smithing on a smaller scale. Most of the stuff can be used on what ever scale you work with out being ridiculous about some things that will only work with the noble metals or faceting material.

It has each subject covered by one of if not the leading expert in the field. One of our members Charles Lewton-Brain the founder of Fold Forming is in it.

Along with Warrens and my favorite form book writer Heikki Seppä doing the section on Reticulation (see the discussion after the review of his book an inside joke).

No matter which techniques is being discussed it has the basic info covered for a metal artist to make an informed choice on whether they would like to follow up the path or move on to something else.

There is one B&W picture to show the process, and a host of very well done drawings to illustrate the steps. Along with the shapes of say the Anticlastic stakes and hammers. In a larger size than most books small drawings. Covered with a grid so you can enlarge them with the correct ratio to create templates. It also covers using Delrin plastics. And source info for any special materials needed. To a short bio of the person.
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