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Mechanical Devices for the electronics experimenter
« on: May 14, 2008, 07:25:58 AM »
Mechanical Devices for the electronics experimenter
by: Britt Rorabaugh
TAB Books
ISBN #0-07-053547-7
Trade paperback
As a book for the home or small shop wacker, this can add another dimension to the builds of things useful for you. in the shop.

    * Basic mechanical principles,then into sub heading of them
    * Sensors and controls
    * Motors
    * Motor control
    * Stepper motors
    * solenoids
    * Gear and pulleys
    * Other mechanical stuff
    * Pneumatic systems
    * Vacuum systems
    * Hydraulic systems
    * Wheeled vehicles
    * Arms,legs and hands

All of the above areas, hare sub divided into sections of info.
Hydraulic systems are further divided

    * Cylinders and pistons
    * Hydraulic press
    * Applications for the hydraulic press
    * Hydraulic robot gripper
    * Hydraulic cylinders
    * hydraulic pumps hydraulic accumulators

Now the hydraulic press referred to is not the press we generally are interested on this board. But the work done by the hydraulic pressure.
It covers some interesting uses of automotive parts for other uses, and the conversion of them. Such as using a EGR valve as an actuator or converting a bicycle pump to a vacuum pump.
Along with the basic info for shafts,linkages,springs,bearing and shafting.
He also has a number of the most important formula's that you need.
As Donald Johnson wrote about the electronics changing fast and being out of date. This has only a limited amount in it and mostly about stepper motors. Since I have removed the motors and solenoids out equipment for the last 10 years. I should be in the ballpark. But it is true if you are going to use some of this stuff you may want to check and see if the tech has improved.
All in all it does cover a lot of the areas that turn up in wacking in the shop mostly late at night.
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