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Indian Silversmithing
« on: May 17, 2008, 06:35:23 AM »
Indian Silversmithing
W.Ben Hunt
Bruce Publishing Co

To some from another time the above name will be like running in to an old friend that you haven't seen in years, So if you were a boy scout, and or were lucky enough to live in an area that hand his Sunday funnies tid bits running in them. Ben Hunts books are just as much fun.
When it came to wood craving, camp craft, Indian craft, and silver smithing. Mr. Hunt couldn't be beat. this book deals with the craft and art of the Indian style of silverwork. Starting with tools and equipment,he gives in depth info on making them, along with the detailed draftsman like drawings he was famous for. Moving on to explain your choices of silver soldering equipment in the 60's(early)
and all about silver.
The rest of the book is divided into chapters on each type or item he shows being made.

    * Concha buttons,Money clips, Tie clasps and Hair clasps,Lapel pins and Brooches,
    * Rings with out settings,Tarnishing or Antiquing heating and soldering frames,Turquoise in Indian jewelry, Polishing Turquoise, Silver bezels, Rings set with Turquoise, Men's Rings, Channel work,Ear Ornaments,Brooches,
    * Concha Belts, Neckerchief Slides,Appliqué Work,Pill and Stamp Boxes,Oval and round Salt Cellars,Bracelets of Sheet Silver, Bracelets of Hammered Silver, Arm Guards or Ketos,
    * Belt Buckles,Belt-Buckle Sets,Silver Hatbands, Unique Brooches, Dragonfly Brooch,Lapel pins,Turquoise Turtle pin
    * Squash Blossom Necklaces,Hollow Silver Beads,Squash Blossoms,Pendants and String the beads
    * Wrist watch Bands.
      Western ties,Emery Polishing stick, Importance of the sketchbook

The beauty of the book is that, He gives you a how to do it as the Indian silver worker sitting in his hogan with his home ,made forge,and odd assortment of gathered and made tools would have done it, A lot of drawings, filled with labels, some B&W photos of the day not like the ones of today.
Each item has the parts of said item drawn out and labeled. then his description of how it comes together. He doesn't neglect the fact that most of the people using the book will be doing it with mostly store bought tools and prest-o-lite torches.
It is a tremendous old school resource for any one that likes or does this style of jewelry.
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