Author Topic: Shaper auto down feed!  (Read 3357 times)

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Shaper auto down feed!
« on: September 21, 2009, 04:30:07 AM »
I will let someone else try this, I am a bit busy right now...

Pretty simple really,  there needs to be a ratchet wheel mounted under the down feed handle.  The wheel is turned by the action of a ratchet which is on an arm pivoted to swing within the limits of a couple of stops.  As the ram comes to the end of the stroke and reverses the arm swings to operate the ratchet and advance the feed.  The weight is adjusted in position to get the desired action and the stops are movable to adjust the size of the arc and hence the amount of feed.

The arm is lifted off the pivot when the auto down feed is not required.

The action will be different when the slide is other than vertical which will require re-adjustment of the weight.

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