Author Topic: Silversmithing and Art Metal (Whitesmithing)  (Read 1757 times)

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Silversmithing and Art Metal (Whitesmithing)
« on: May 18, 2008, 06:26:30 AM »
Silversmithing and art metal
for schools,tradesmen,craftsmen
by Murray Bovin
Bovin Publishing
spiral lay flat binding
This is the third book of Murray Bovin that has been updated and revised. This is in the style of the old school text books from the 1930's to the late 70's. They cover much more of what was thought you should know than well you can get by without it. With this knowledge data base as they call it now you will be able to over come problems and work stoppages that cause others to give up in the art metal field and to move on to something else.
The book has plenty of B&W pictures, charts and working drawings. The plans bring back the warm and fuzzy memories of shop class from 9th grade thru high school. They are mostly in the art deco, and 50,60's style that is now much sort after.

    * Tools and equipment
    * Metals
    * Metal working techniques,from transferring the designs,soldering, pickling,annealing, jeweler's saw use,to emery and its use.
    * Forming techniques.raising, combination raising,angular raising,seaming and assembled construction
    * Plate and tray construction
    * Box construction
    * Spoons,picture frames,spout construction
    * Decorative processes,Chasing,repoussé,etching, fluting and crimping,engraving casting,scroll forming and wooden handles.
    * finishing up with numerous project plans from the good old days to do. along with pages of objects made bu silversmiths

It does cover the general knowledge base of art metal working and does a good job of showing that smithing whether it be black, white or red is closely related to each other. And the lines can be blurred for arts sake.
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