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Creating with metal, (A litle bit of this and that)
« on: May 20, 2008, 06:51:13 AM »
Creating with metal
by K E Granstrom
Van Nostrand Reinhold Co.
ISBN# 0-442-11241-6
sorry for the lackluster cover shot, as it is in a library binding, hard cover after market binding and it is put on backwards to boot !

This is a small Hobbyist type book popular in the 60's and 70's. Minimum equipment and tools, along with some very nice looking projects considering the type of book it is.

    * Workshop techniques, tools and equipment
    * Materials, from silver and golds to Babbitt metal is covered
    * Material sizes and shapes to, joining of the non welding kind
    * Surface treatments include mechanical decoration to the finishing and patina
    * Working drawings,and pictures of easy projects
    * Working drawings of more difficult projects
    * Smithing and forgings covers some basic skills and bar twisting and slitting to form the basket type devices in a length of bar stock with a number of simple projects
    * Then covers their version of oil treatment for a finish in less than a paragraph
    * Ending with a gallery of further examples of work and ides

There is no difference made between the smithing forging projects, household decorative aluminum ware type, or jewelry. As they consider it all with in the realm of metal work.
This one is up there with the work of Dona Z Meilach, Direct Metal Sculpture.

This one should be at least looked up to see if the local library or one near you with inter-department loan has it.
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