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Jewelry Making by the Lost Wax Process
revised edition
by Greta Pack
Van Nostrand Reinhold Co.

As a side note for another small world. Ms Park was an instructor at the rival technical high school to the one I attended in Detroit, in the late 60's.

    * Overview of jewelry making by the lost wax process,tools and equipment,waxes, preparation for casting, and casting
    * Along with 19 step by step projects, rings,brooches,pendants,Bola tie slides
    * Decorative process stone setting,wire work, balls,and domes
    * Working and finishing processes,annealing,pickling,texturing,sawing,filing,,coloring and polishing
    * Along with the usual appendices and glossary

Filled with numerous B&W photos and clear line drawings she takes you on a journey of using waxes to build up your piece. Still as timely today, as it was when published.
About the only thing that have changed is the waxes, investments, and temperature measuring devices. They have become better currently.
And it need not be confined to jewelry, you can do lost wax casting for about anything you might need. And if you need more than one making a rubber mold to cast repeat wax models. it is a low number run way of making parts.
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