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Designing and Making Handwrought Jewelery
« on: May 22, 2008, 06:15:47 AM »
Designing and Making Handwrought Jewelery
by Joseph F. Shoenfelt
McGraw-Hill Paperbacks
Trade paper back1963

Another one, with a slightly differing approach to teaching jewelry making. He covers specifics of techniques and processes then make the usual generalizations. Starts with wire working, Minimum tools supplies and equipment.MOst homes or shops contain the tools needed. Along with the use of copper, brass, and other than noble metals.

It is heavy on the function and form design end, of the jewelry pieces. The step by steps are arranged from the simple to the more advanced. Along with the less tool and supplies to the more tools needed. Soldering isn't part of the first items, and then he cross references the techniques, so if you need something or information you can get it easily.

From all the standard techniques,of working to finishing, decoration, and shaping, stone setting. Along with form and function,combination of materials and techniques Finishing with an evaluation of jewelry in education,craftsman's guilds and therapy for the individual.

Filled with an abundance of B&W photos, and simple line drawings that tend more to the artistic than draftsman. Still clear and to the point of showing the idea. The photos are from the workers point of view rather than an on looker.
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