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The Creative Jeweler
« on: May 23, 2008, 06:51:48 AM »
The Creative Jeweler
Inspirational projects using semi-precious and everyday materials
by Sharon McSwiney, Penny Williams, Claire and Jennie Davies
copyrightę2002 London Quintet Publishing
copyrightę2003 US Krause Publishing

Another of the dual copyright books, yet better than some that are out there for sale. With the names under the author heading it sounds like it was done by a committee. But don't let that scare you. As it is a well done, sectional topic with each of the authors doing their own area of interest.
Most projects, are only a couple pages long. There are done with clear simple instructions, large well light color pictures, and a very nice full page picture of the completed project on a model. Mostly of the jewelry piece rather than the model! So one can see what the end results looks like.
It covers tools and equipment, materials and techniques. Not anything fancy just your basic stuff and tools in all categories.

What is interesting to me about some of the jewelry designs is how the will translate in to design stating points for wall hangings and free standing sculptures. With little changes other than size and maybe substituting of some of the semi- precious materials.
It is broken down into:

    * Wire
    * Sheetmetal, plastic and paper
    * Beads, shells and stones
    * Mixed media

All in all if nothing else it is a pretty good eye candy book for ideas, and nice shining bling, Maybe to make up some presents to surprise the distaff side of the family.
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