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Engraving Metals
« on: May 11, 2008, 01:08:58 PM »
Engraving Metals
by:Paul N. Hasluck
This is a reprint of his original work from 1912
Lindsay Publications trade paperback
This is real old school like back in the real day. It is a treasure of info. With over 100 fine line illustrations,that books where done with then. Showing the tools and samples of the cuts used to fill in the colors of the Heraldic designs,

    * Starts out with tools and terms
    * Exercises
    * Moves on to the plate,precious metals and engraving monograms
    * Then today its history, instead of giving an over view of some of the trades that could be followed
    * Engraving for the transfer processes, so the design could be put on multiple items
    * Name plate and Coffin Plates
    * A short section on chasing and etching rounds out the book

All in all with modern tools, from the pneumatic palm gravers today,
To the modern ball vises, When understanding the steps that they went thru to accomplish what they did. It is all the more amazing.
The free hand graver will pick up some ideas for designs, tricks or tips.
And the historical info will delight most metal heads, whether you want to try engraving or not.
The cost isn't great and the quality of Lindsay book are good.

Some libraries do have the reprints and it could be on line
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