Author Topic: The Metalsmith's book of Boxes and Lockets  (Read 1717 times)

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The Metalsmith's book of Boxes and Lockets
« on: May 29, 2008, 06:08:16 AM »
The Metalsmith's book of Boxes and Lockets
By Tim McCreight
Hand Book Press
copyright 1999
The above picture is from the inner fly leaf as the dust jactkect was gone when I picked up the book. As I have said before when doing a review of McCreight's books. I am a fan, they are great, filled with information you can use and clear color pictures,drawings over flowing the pages. With all manner, shape and materials in use.
From his opening about metalworking safety.

    * Building a box
    * Hinges and lids covers about 50 plus pages with hinge type after hinge type
    * Catches
    * Basics & practices
    * To the complete appendices of glossary,suppliers,suggested reading, tables &charts to a listing of the contributing artist

This is another jewelry book that will benefit, the general metal artist, model maker, and even the wood or lapidary worker. Anyone that is building boxes, lockets or other enclosed vessels with an included lid.
One that requires a look up at the world cathere to find one close to your location and then hunt one down on the web. All though it probably is or has been in print recently.
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