Author Topic: The Complete guide to Jewelry Soldering  (Read 2356 times)

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The Complete guide to Jewelry Soldering
« on: May 30, 2008, 06:07:47 AM »
Anybody that is soldering flat sheet goods or small items, with regular or silver bearing solders. Needs
good clear correct info. That is what is in this booklet. Also their web site has a great techniques and process, tools and their use section.
The Complete guide to Jewelry Soldering
what works,what doesn't and why
By Sara M Sanford
Lapidary Journal
their web site

A slim 50 page booklet, That is filled with maybe more than any one wants to know about soldering! But needs to know if you are doing metals either as a jewelery or object artist in metal.
Filled with color photos of the bits and bobs of soldering. It is one of those little booklet types that a lot of people would dismiss as not worth a further look.

    * Solder
    * Flux
    * Torches
    * Fit and Cleanliness
    * Joints and Placement
    * Don't move keeping pieces in place
    * Basic tools
    * Redirecting heat
    * Fire scale
    * Pickle

Covering all the little things that have come, in the magazine over the years. In the tips and tricks and general questions along with the accumulative wisdom of the editorial staff.
From the why's of doing things, to how's and with what's. From the Properties of fuel gases,the different type of torches used either dual or single gas. To the types of anti flux and Heat sink materials and what they do and don't.
All in all the PH d course in metals arts soldering.
Check out their website they have a very good section on education information in the jewelry arts processes and techniques.
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