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Plastic for Artists and Craftsman
« on: June 20, 2008, 06:28:07 AM »
Plastic for Artists and Craftsman
by Harry B Hollander
Watson-Guptill Publications
copyright 1972
ISBN#(US) 0-8230-4025-9
ISBN#(UK) 0-273-31801-2

Well if you want an all encompassing book on plastics(resins) for casting,pouring, coating or fiberglassing. This is the one that for years was at the head of the class. The author was an industrial chemist,involved in the research end and the putting it into use for artists and craftspeople.

Its usefulness today is indicated by the difficulty one finds in locating a used copy to purchase. As people tend not to want to let them go. Other than the name brands and improvements in the resin mixes, color stability etc the information it as good today as it was when it was written.

It is more along a working project textbook. It is broken into a section on Polyester resins which is further divided into projects that cover castings,molds and using different materials. Along with sculpture works,painting with polyester resins,batik, bleaching and dyeing.

Epoxy Resins again is into projects that cover what you need to know. It covers enameling,jewelry, ceramics, stained glass reliefs epoxy-metal casting and resin oil paints.
Silicones and Polyurethanes with the projects, including using polystyrene for bases and armature work.

Finishing with Appendix of health,safety and fire problems the suppliers, and other info here may be dated as the brands and formulation will have changed and the products have improved since than.

Over 260 B&W pictures, and color plates that show a good assortment of what can be done with this material. You can check your local library for this one. or here to see if one is close to you.
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