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Cope's Plastics Book (for sheet goods)
« on: June 22, 2008, 07:07:51 AM »
Cope's Plastics Book
by Dwight Cope
Goodheart-Willcox co.

Well this is a text book from the good old days, on working with and making projects from the sheet good type of plastics. By another head of a plastics company that was originally copyrighted in 1957. At the dawn of the new age of plastics! Some on this forum will remember parents and grandparents, referring to it as the cheap stuff etc.
My how far we have come, from an arts and craft oddity to being used for engine parts.

It covers the types,characteristics of the organic and inorganic substances used in the making of. The second chapter covers the type of plastics that you will find to use. From the Phenolics,Ureas,Polyesters,Acrylics,resins,silicones,plastic like materials. To the synthetic rubbers,natural resins.

The third chapter is on working the plastics,and storing them. From the layout,sawing,machining,polishing,heat forming,cementing, bonding,and cleaning. Along with a special section on internal craving and dyeing of plastic. With some information on the commercial fabrication of plastics.

There is also a section on polyester resins and reinforced laminates
fiber glass etc.

The largest section or chapter is about the 90 plus projects. From tooth brush holders,bracelets and candy dishes. To projects that have metal as design elements in the frames in the 60's style lights.
From the basic to the advanced,it covers it all. The projects maybe dated but the working information is still the same today.

Another one that might be found at your local library
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