Author Topic: A Beginner's Guide to Glass Engraving  (Read 2085 times)

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A Beginner's Guide to Glass Engraving
« on: July 18, 2008, 06:21:55 AM »
A Beginner's Guide to Glass Engraving
by Seymour Isenberg
krause publishing
copyright 2000
trade paper back
When one looks at the engraved glass work, or beveled glass work.
There are any number or processes that one can be talking about. This book is about engraving, Now when I read the blurb in the remainders catalog about it, I thought it was about using a dremel or flex shaft type tool with the stone/diamond points.

It couldn't be farther from it then I would have imagined. This book covers the old school style engraving. Meaning the glass is held against a spinning wheel on the bench mount. And larger horizontal polishing laps.

Covered in 11 chapters, broken down into sections that cover each of the various subject areas one would need to be come accomplished at glass engraving.

    * Beginnings,statements about the craft and the different processes brief notes on equipment,glass and the process. Sort of read me first and decide to turn back now.
    * The work area, lighting,bench,water, elbow protectors safety
    * The machine and the wheels,covers the machine,mandrils,axles
    * Prepping the wheels, what's involved, bushing the wheels
    * The dressing of the wheels after you have the bushed
    * Prepping the glass, scoring, breaking,grozzing,cutting shapes. Just for this chapter on cutting shapes it was worth the cost of the book.
    * The engraving process, covers everything from before you begin to what to do if your masterpiece breaks
    * Beveling. this is a whole separate area of skill and work process. It is the longest chapter, because of the number of steps involved in the cutting and polishing of the glass
    * A step by step project, from start to finish
    * Special effects, from eyeglass engraving to engraving flash glass
    * Patterns to practice with, As with most things in life its practice, practice and practice
    * And a number of sample patterns to get started.

Filled with B&W photo's and drawings, of the work and processes. along with a color plate gallery of some pieces. The pictures of the studio and equipment along with the work area are of a major glass studio. Which may give the impression of heavy duty equipment etc. But as with all things you can start on a smaller scale.
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