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Glass Etching II (Media Blasting)
« on: July 20, 2008, 07:33:03 AM »
Glass Etching II (Media Blasting)
Carving techniques and designs
by Debra Felberg Oxley &Norman Dobbins
CKE Publications
Booklet large format

Here is another joint effort on the subject of multi stage or (layered) carving of glass for more depth in the piece.
Again it is divide into sections, then sub divide into chapters.

Section I
Techniques for Multi-stage Carving

    * Principals of multi-stage carving
    * Understanding the carving process
    * preparing the glass
    * Carving the glass
    * Intermediate Techniques
    * Equipment

Section II
Designs for Multi-stage Carving

    * 42 pages of patterns for enlargement, multi-stage carving. Some have the numbered stages or sequence of carving so you know when to take the resit off. They go from simple plants to very complex dragons. And from small coasters to door and wall panels.

There are some B&W photos showing steps done along with line drawings, and some color pictures of the works and a gallery section.

It is worth it for the pattern drawing for glass, stained glass of metal work.
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