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« on: July 23, 2008, 07:21:19 AM »
wonders of wonders
By Cozy Baker
C&T Publishing
Hard Cover

What can one say about them other than most people at one time in their lives have been enthralled by them. Whether the simple cheap cardboard kind or fancy brass tube with changeable glass decorated wheels.
From the Pringles can ones for cub scouts and brownies projects, to the copper pipe or PVC ones with shelf paper or fabric covering. They can be everything from a fun shop job to mediative time away from the world in building.

This book is an eye candy delight if nothing else.Or it can be a doorway to another level of fun in the shop.

    * Kaleidoscopes: Origin and History
    * Kaleidoscopes Renaissance
    * Meditative and Therapeutic Value
    * Diversity of Exterior Designs
    * Variety of Interior Images
    * Award Winners
    * Galleries, Museums, and Shops
    * Appendices, who's who in kaleidoscope artists,Tips on building your own, The patents that started it all
    * Glossary
    * Bibliography
    * Index

From the different styles and types of them. And sizes from very tiny ones to room sized ones to projector types. With the information included at the end of the book. You can build our own therapeutic tool.
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Re: Kaleidoscopes
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I don't have the book, but I built several of these for Christmas a few years ago. they were a hit:o)

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