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Etched Glass
« on: July 21, 2008, 06:55:10 AM »
Etched Glass
techniques & design
by Norm and Ruth Dobbins
Hand Book Press
Norther Lights Books
Hard cover

I guess you could call this a very through handbook on the
processes of glass surface etching, carving and shading. Filled with great color and B&W process photos, charts and drawings it gives you the information to develop a working knowledge of the basics and heading toward the more involved pieces.

I have taken a number of their classes and courses at the sign Business shows over the years. They are as complete in their classes as in this book and in their wonderful dvd's. Which you can rent from glass etching DVD's rentals

Back to the book:
Basics and background

    * Abrasives
    * Etching cream
    * Work space

      A Glass Primer
    * The basic recipe
    * Physical Characteristics
    * Color
    * Texture
    * Mirror
    * Safety Glass
    * Cleaning the glass surface

    * Sheet,found,Applying sheet resists
    * Applying precut, and photo resists

    * Function of design, Converting design,sizing designs, transferring designs to resist, cutting the design

      Surface Etching
    * Design, glass,resists surface etching process and etching with cream

    * Overview,glass, resist,carving styles stage numbering process and the carving process

    * Glass,resists,designs, stage numbering process, blasting process
    * The importance of lighting

    * Blasters, cabinets buy or rent and safety
    * Gallery
    * Appendices

The name of their company is Professional Glass Consultants Their web site [url][url]
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