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Machinist's and Metalworkers pocket reference
« on: May 11, 2008, 01:15:24 PM »
Machinist's and Metalworkers pocket reference
by: Ronald Walsh
copyright 2000

 A handy glove or tool box field guide for the metal worker. It has 12 chapters and is divided into sub chapters to cover each area.

    * Modern metalworking machinery,gages and measuring devices
    * U.S. customary and metric (SI) measures and conversions
    * Materials physical properties characteristics and uses
    * Thread systems
    * Fastening devices properties and dimensions
    * Machining,machine tools and practices
    * Tool steels
    * Sheet metal practices
    * Heat-treating steels and nonferrous alloys
    * Electroplating and other finishes for metals
    * Societies,associations institutes and specification authorities
    * Safety practices in the metalworking industry

It does pack a lot of information into a small book. But when you need it it is there. From the dictionary of alphabet soup letters and which societies they belong to, to the address, to the list of ANSI standards by category (ANSI/ASME B1.20.1-1983 pipe thread inch). You might see on plans/drawings to the trademarks and who they belong to. B&W pictures,charts,tables and drawings. It is all in here.
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