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Art Metals
« on: July 25, 2008, 06:34:19 AM »
Art Metals
C Vernon Siegner
a general shop series
hardcover text book
Goodheart Wilcox
copyright 1961

Since this is a text book some here may have used it, but as with most of the books published by Goodheart Wilcox. they tend to find they way into general use as a learning book for the home shops or studio's.

It is set up as an exploratory course of metal working. So one can develop experience in becoming consumers of metal in the adult recreation or hobby interest.

It is slightly less than 100 hundred pages, filled with drawing and B&W photo's of the projects and processes of introduction to the art metal shop and its work.
The first half is devoted to all the basics of metals and their uses,and the the later half to early 60's style projects.

Its set up in unit style with questions at the end of each.
From design of the project,safety, layout and measuring tools,cutting,drilling and punching art metals. Files,abrasives,annealing and pickling. Bending and twisting forming by beating into forms.By raising,spinning, decorating,assembling cold connections,coloring. Tooling and etching metals,enameling,finishing.

And the projects. round out the book. It may seem silly for the old hands but these books turn up, and are low cost and you can fill some holes in your knowledge base. And if you are just starting out or did come through school in the industrial arts era. they can give a good overview on the cheap. This one covers spotting as a decorating technique. using the drill press,wood dowel with sponge or leather glued to one end and carborundum grains. Today it is better known as engine turning and was a popular Hot Rod dash and gage decoration.
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