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T.Gardner Boyd
a general shop series
hardcover text book
Goodheart Wilcox

Since this is a text book some here may have used it, but as with most of the books published by Goodheart Wilcox. They tend to find they way into general use as a learning book for the home shops or studio's.

It is set up as an exploratory course of metal working. So one can develop experience in becoming consumers of metal in the adult recreation or hobby interest.

It is slightly more than 100 pages, again filled with B&W photo's of the tools projects and processes. In addition to the line drawings and charts.
Starting out with the basic essentials:

    * Metal in our everyday lives
    * Designing Metalworking projects
    * Metal shop safety

Instead of having separate chapters on tools and equipment. They have incorporated them into each of the chapters,were they would be used. A better idea, I feel as they are fresh when they are discussing them.

    * Bench and wrought metal
    * Sheet metal
    * forging
    * Heat treatment of steels
    * Foundry
    * Machine shop

The other thing I like about this book is that it puts the hand metal working skills ahead of machine shop work and only covers the basic equipment in it. There is a greater emphasis placed on hand and minimal equipment working. And the metalworking projects reflect that.
Its set up in unit style with questions at the end of each.
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