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Step-by-Step Enameling
« on: July 28, 2008, 07:00:26 AM »
Step-by-Step Enameling
William Harper
Golden Press
Trade paperback

As metal workers are always looking for some thing new to give their work an extra kick. Than even small torch fired enamel medallions will give a glow in the sunlight.

This is another of the introduction ones from the 70's craft movement. Covering of the things in enameling that somebody just starting out might ask.
It is another low cost option if you track down a copy. As it was low cost glue binding when made. It is filled with line drawings,B&W photos along with color ones on matt finish paper through out the book.

    * Introduction
    * Techniques: A Preview
    * Tools and materials
    * Work area
    * Metals,working and prepping etc
    * Enamels,prepping and working techniques
    * Firing process
    * Finishing
    * Mounting
    * Color tests
    * Stencils
    * Foils
    * Sgraffito
    * Techniques with projects
    * Additional techniques, other than enamel to combine with
    * Glossary
    * Solutions Chart
    * Directory

This will give the beginner or old hand more of an education to add to the skills set they have.
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