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Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
« on: July 30, 2008, 06:23:25 AM »
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
A guidebook to advance arc welding knowledge worldwide
by Michael S Flagg editor
Soft cover book
James F Lincoln Arc welding Foundation
ISBN# 0-937390-00-3

45 pages of just the facts, on TIG or GTAW. Punched so you can put it in a 3 hole binder if you choose. It is filled with B&W photos, carts, drawings and diagrams.

    * Arc welding safety
    * Introduction
    * Fundamentals
    * Manual welding techniques
    * Automatic welding techniques
    * Welding of materials
    * Appendix of charts of filler metals and electrode info

Yes it is a slim volume, does it give a very good overview of the process and techniques yes it does. For the cost about $5.00 plus shipping is it worth it yes.
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