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Gas Metal Arc Welding (Miller)
« on: August 02, 2008, 07:30:14 AM »
Part of the $25.00 Miller Student training package

Gas Metal Arc Welding
by Miller Electric Training Dept
Trade Paperback
Revised 1994

Another of their well prepared,books filled with information, B&W photos, carts and multi shaded line line drawings so you can tell the parts and pieces in the explanations.
142 pages packed with more than the average home shop guy will probably need.

I History of GMAW
II GMAW Fundamentals

    * Types of GMAW
    * Power for Welding
    * Alternating Current
    * Frequency
    * Single-Three Phase
    * Direct Current
    * Polarity
    * Cables,Work and Ground Connections
    * Voltage,Amperage,Resistance

III Modes of GMAW Transfer

    * Short circuit Transfer
    * Globular Transfer
    * Spray Arc Transfer
    * Pulsed Spray Transfer

IV GMAW Equipment

    * Welding machines
    * CV,CC Welding Machines
    * Duty Cycle,Selecting a welding Machine,
    * Wire Feeders, Contractor Control,Drive Rolls,
    * Microprocessor Wire Feeders,and Systems
    * Automatic Welding Systems,Robots,
    * Semiautomatic Welding Guns, Gun Components,Water Cooled Guns, Automatic Guns

V GMAW Variables

    * Wire Feed Speed,Travel Speed,Voltage,Slope,Inductance,Gun Angle and Electrode Extension

VI GMAW Electrode Wires

    * Specifications for Manufacturing
    * Usage,Make Up, Care and Storage
    * Selection of Wire
    * Steel,Stainless Steel,Aluminum,and other Electrod Wires

VII GMAW Shielding Gases

    * Shielding Gas Cylinders,regulator-Flowmeters
    * Argon Effects on Gun Duty Cycle
    * The Shielding Gas Effects of Various Materials,and Modes of transfer

VIII Joint Design and Weld symbols

    * All Styles of Common Joints and the Welding Symbols used and the Meanings on the Drawings

IX Preweld Preparation
X Postweld Operations
XI GMAW Applications
XII GMA Spot,Plug,Slot Welding

    * Way more than you might want to know on these industrial processes.

XIII Welding in the Flat Position

    * Everything you need to know, to do it correctly

XIV Welding in Horizontal,Vertical, and Overhead Positions

    * Everything you need to know about welding in these positions, from the volt amp parameters to the between pass cleaning and gun design

XV Weld Defects
XVI GMAW Troubleshooting
XVII Cost Considerations
XVIII Safety
XIX Glossary
XX Tables

It does cover it all and if it isn't in here ypou probably aren't going to need it!
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