Author Topic: TIG handbook for GTAW Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (Miller)  (Read 4872 times)

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TIG handbook for GTAW Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (Miller)
« on: August 01, 2008, 07:14:10 AM »
TIG handbook for GTAW
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
by Edward R Bohnart and the Miller Staff
Miller Electric
copyright 2005
Trade Paperback

With 12 sections on everything TIG, it is a very good start for the complete non welder or even an old hand it has a lot of information

    * Section I The GTAW (TIG) PROCESS
      Covers introduction and the advantages of the process
      Section II
    * GTAW Fundamentals
      This is great if you have a Miller Machine or contemplating getting one. As the examples are Miller machines, but it gives coverage to all the bells and whistles that are on TIG welders.
      Section III
    * GTAW Equipment
      Safety basic, And then goes over all the types of machines,duty cycle, input voltage and connections. Then moves on to the accessory items, Torch and all it parts, coolers, coolant and other.
      Section IV
    * Electrodes and Consumables
      Electrodes, their prep, Shielding Gas,flow rates and pre and post flows,filler materials and types.
      Section V
    * Safety
      Section VI
    * Preparation for Welding
      Setting the machines before you start welding, and then some information on the prepping of the different materials. And then welding.
      Section VII
    * Joint Design and Types of Welds
      Types of joints and welds
      Section VIII
    * Techniques for Basic Weld Joints
      Gives you a start on all the little things that go into a good TIG weld. Like the torch and rod positions for the various type of joints.
      Section XI
    * Cost Considerations of the GTAW Process
      Section X
    * GTAW Troubleshooting
      Section XI
    * Tables
      Section XII
    * Glossary

From the Introduction to the end it doesn't waste any of the 80 pages. Filled with Drawing, charts and B&W pictures of the equipment,processes and weld joints.
This book is probably the most bang for your dollar. what makes it even better. You can download it from the Miller site PDF for free!
or you can get it in the package deal in the previous post in the Miller student package. For $25.00.

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