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Welding Sliding Calculators
« on: August 03, 2008, 07:08:28 AM »
More from the Miller student package
Welding Sliding Calculators
There is the SMAW
Stick Amperage Calculator which will tell you, the amperage range for the rod,thickness of metal,(3/32"to 1/4" or in mm),usage,polarity,position,penetration,rod type, AC/DC.
It covers 6010/6011,6013,7014,7018,7024,Ni-Cl and 308L rods
common steels,Cast iron and Stainless steel. This is strictly for the common types and not the exotics.

The back of it has conditions that affect weld bead shape. And striking the arc with drawings. On the back of the slider there are B&W pictures of good and bad weld beads, with short one line explanations.

The next one is the GMAW
MIG calculator, which will tell you for material thickness 3/32" to 5/8". For flux cored,automated submerged arc,on one side.Wire size,amperage,voltage, travel speed-IPM,wire feed-IPM(automated submerged arc) With the deposition rate of solid steel wire.(set the wire size at wire speed and it gives the rate in pounds/hour) Wire diameter,current range,wire feed speed IPM, voltage for both Co2 and C-25(flux cored)
On the other side,MIG welding amps/volts/gas,for material type(steel,stainless and aluminum) in thickness(22gauge to 1/2"). And wire feed speed-IPM from .030",.035",.040"steel. .035"(Stainless), .035",3/64",1/16" (4043) Aluminum

The final one in the set of 3 is the GTAW Calculator
TIG calculator,one one side it gives information on electrodes,(common) and the sharpening of same.with drawings, it also has drawing of the common types of welds keyed to numbers on the slider chart.
It has info for mild steel,stainless,deoxidized copper,on one side. And aluminum,magnesium,and titanium on the other.
it covers from 1/16"--1/2" AND .040 3/4"(Magnesium).
It will give the Tungsten electrode size,cup orifice diameter,Filler rod, type(dcen/dcep/ac),Current for flat welding(with instruction on how to adjust for out of position), gas type, flow rate cfh,psi,and the speed IPM. Along with any remarks for multiple passes, per heat etc.

For the old hand or daily working welder they may seem of no use. But to the weekend warrior/home shop welder they can be a time saver for the money they cost either alone or in the student package.

They are made out of heavy weight plastic coated cardboard, which makes cleaning the easier. And they come with a handy plastic carrying case

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