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How to Make Mobiles John Lynch
« on: January 25, 2010, 06:48:34 AM »
How to Make Mobiles
John Lynch
The Viking Press
LCCCN 53-7528

This is the paperback version of Mr. Lynch’s stand alone  Mobiles book.  That the section, in his sculpture book was taken from.  The hardcover and this one are on the used book sales circuit.  But as with a lot of the older books some of the prices are inflated beyond reason.

As this is an expand version of the chapters in his Metal Sculpture book, that I already reviewed.  He did this one originally, before the later the subject matter is expanded.  Along with that there are a lot more line drawings to go with the explanations.  Larger and clearer B&W photo’s of examples of parts and completed mobiles, along with some charts to give layout ideas.


What is a Mobile?
Material and Tools
An Easy Mobile for the Beginner to Make
Variations on a Theme
A Cardboard Mobile of Seven Pieces
Metal Mobiles section is composed of the following
  A Simple Six-piece design
  An Eleven-piece design
  A Ten-piece design
  Eleven-piece design # 2
  Eleven-piece design # 3
  An Eighteen-piece Metal Mobile
Finishes and Color Schemes
Mobiles with Glass and Other Materials
Ideas for Creating Mobiles of your Own

Even with the fact that today the use of color on art is sometimes taken for granted.  He makes a good case for doing minimalist number of colors.  As Calder and other have done in the past for a striking looking piece.  Also they have some good photo’s of the often dismissed stabiles, mobiles hanging from a stationary base rather then  overhead.

This one should be a good candidate for a Dover reprint book.

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