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Copper Enameling, Pictorial Instructions Thompson Enamel
« on: January 24, 2010, 06:48:18 AM »
Copper Enameling,
Pictorial Instructions
Thompson Enamel reprint
Copyright© 1973
Gerry Coleman, Marguerite Koenig, Edna Berry
Thompson Enamel

This is another of Thompson’s Xerox type reprints of parts of books or pamphlets that will help in getting people started in the enameling art.

It is a photo essay with B&W clear photos  for the type of booklet.  Each has a short text caption numbered to the photo.

Each section is devoted to a heading of Basic operastion#1 and the divide into sub sections of:  How to Fire, How to use Enamel  Chunks, How to use Glass Threads. They are then divided into further sub subjects (around 44) separate items.  From acid, Champlevé, Cloisonné, Slush, Soldering parts together.  To Earrings, Button Backs, Jump Rings, to using fire scale in the design of a piece.

It consists of:
Basic Operations #1
Basic Operations #2
Counter Enameling
Soldering and Assembly
Swirling or Scrolling
Miscellaneous Operations
Champlevé (etched)

It is 18 pages packed with information that can speed one along with some of the other low cost educational material that Thompson’s has available on their site.

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