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Pocket Ref Handyman In your Pocket Measure for Measure
« on: May 11, 2008, 01:24:45 PM »
Pocket Ref
by: Thomas J Glover
Sequoia Publishing small format paperback
copyright©1997 2nd.ed.
ISBN# 1-88507-00-0
Two more reference books that covers so many things that we need to know and can't seem to find fast. This one was the first version put out. Covers various things and item around the shop, and home.

    * Air and Gas
    * Carpentry and Construction
    * Chemistry and Physics
    * Constants, Chemical,Physical and Math
    * Electrical
    * Electronics
    * General Information and Science
    * Geology
    * Glue, solvents and Paint
    * Hardware,Math, Money
    * Mine, Mill and Aggregate
    * Plumbing and Pipe
    * Rope,Cable and Chain
    * Steel and Metals
    * Tools and Water
    * Weights and properties of Materials
    * Welding
    * And other stuff

It its revised every coupe of years. It does have drawings of items.
and it is set up in groupings of the above headers and some I didn't put in. A great general info base for not much money. Harbor Fright sells them. And a lot of places have them in the tool section or at the register as an impulse buy.

Handyman In your Pocket
Industrial maintenance edition
by Richard A Young
Thomas J Glover
Sequoia Publishing small format paperback
Copyright© 2001 1st ed

This version is twice as thick and set up and geared to the industrial or commercial side. Every section is expanded in coverage. They have added some and left some out.

    * Anchors
    * Belts,Pulleys and Gears
    * Bolts and Threads
    * Drafting Symbols
    * Nails Spikes and Staples
    * Pipe and fittings
    * Pump and Tanks
    * Sheet Metal, Plate and Wire
    * Along with more

If you ever have wondered why there are so many different plug configurations this has the charts with drawings of them all or most of them that you would likely see.
In the Sheet Metal Plate and Wire section it covers

    * Weights of cold rolled sheet steel
    * Weights of galvanized sheet steel
    * Steel plate sizes
    * Standard steel sheet gauges
    * Standard wire gauges

Measure for Measure
by Richard A Young
Thomas J Glover
Sequoia Publishing small format paperback
ISBN# 1-889796-00-X
copyright ©1997

This is the desk references for non math people, It covers the SI units, Which is the International system of units. Covers the history, both here and abroad along with the basics. (Metric info)
The rest is close to most every conversion formula out there. Whether its is ancient units of ones from other countries that have their own systems. Or if the guy that brought you the plans for the ramps for his ark did them in cubits. this will show you how to convert them back into something you can use.
It has a section that groups like measures together. It also has one on the Abbreviations used, along with conversion factors. Running close to 900 pages it is still a tool box sized book if need be.
But by now i have given you a tool box full of books with no room for tools.*
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