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Welding for Arts & Crafts
« on: August 15, 2008, 06:32:26 AM »
Welding for Arts & Crafts
by Dewayne Roy
Thomson/Delmar Learning
Trade paperback

Or from Powells books


As with most books on hobby welding, It covers all the basic forms,SMAW,GTAW,GMAW,Plasma and oxyfuel cutting along with short troubleshooting guide.

Also the obligatory chapter on safety, Instead of a long drawn out lecture on it he gives "Roy's Rules for Welding" containing short pertinent information.

Then he moves on to the reason you would have picked up the book!

    * Yard Art, shovel angels,birdbaths,a to a rain gauge,7 projects or ideas to jump off on
    * Something Fishy, right up our forum's street 4 projects from picture frames ,lamp,bird feeder
    * Critters 7 projects from copper winged dragonflies,frogs,to cows
    * Candle holders,5 projects of various candle holders,from single to multiple to wall hanging

The assorted projects are beginner to moderate skill set level. And use common stuff, along with bits and pieces from the architectural supplies.
Like the forged style baskets that you can turn into a bird. Filled with lots and lots of B&W photos for the step by steps. crude average persons line drawings, and easy to find items.
rebar, horse shoes bolts nuts and bits and pieces. My only complaint about the book is that in the source section they didn't include the web addy's for the suppliers,

I guess I'm becoming lazy in it would take a number of steps and save a lot of time looking through the search engine returns.

It is one of the few that claims to be available in Australia,Canada,Mexico,Singapore,Spain, The UK and the USA.
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