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Arc Welding
« on: August 21, 2008, 06:39:04 AM »
Arc Welding
A basic manual of instruction
for arc and TIG welding
by Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation


This is another one of those books, that the people putting them out didn't know how good it was or is still.
I have checked through the Lincoln foundations, they currently have nothing in print at this time like it.

It contains Development of arc welding,how arc welding is used,arc welding equipment and supplies which other then their tombstone welders is a historical section with the advances in electrodes and wire.

Learning to weld, weaving and padding, downhand, horizontal ,vertical and overhead positions.

The effects of heat on metal,using twin carbon arc torch and a single carbon, for bending,brazing soldering. Cutting with the arc.

Welding cast iron, pipe welding, Welding sheet metal, Welding higher carbon and tools steels. Hardsurfacing with the arc.

TIG welding for Beginners

Selecting, designing and planning welded projects.

It still amazes me that they can pack most of the information into 48 pages. That most home shop,farm or small shop welders would need. to know to get the job done.

So if you come across this volume snap it up, as it was published and up date yearly or every other year.
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