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Obligatory Self Introduction
« on: August 24, 2008, 03:12:06 PM »
I just thought I might introduce myself a bit.

After spending the first 30 years of my working life as a mechanic, fabricator, and welder, I returned to school and acquired my degree in Mechanical Engineering which is what I do to put beans and biscuits on the table.  Hey, I figured after working with some of the "engineers" I had worked with, "If they can do it, why can't I?"

I work some with a contract that requires I spend some time in Scotland, so I am fluent in both "English" and "Redneck", as my Scots lady friend reminds me frequently.  While in Scotland I appentrice with a master English wheel guy that learned his craft building Spits during the "Blitz".  These days he contents himself beating and wheeling panels for mostly MG's. 

I am a LIFE long hot rodder.  My resume goes back to the old AHRA days and ran the "National Points Trail" until the AHRA was absorbed by the NHRA.   After the drag racing days my focus shifted to Midgets and Sprint Cars.  I am still somewhat involved in those today, though I do not actively campaign a car.  I still do chassis work and sheet metal on a routine basis. 

I also do some composite structure work.  I am reasonably fluent in resins and cloth lay up as it pertains to aircraft structure.  From time to time I have been known to make production molds for clients.

My little shop is equipped with the obligatory 9x42 vertical mill, 13" swing Clausing lathe, and the usual assortments of drill press, grinders, and welders (gas, stick, TIG, and MIG).  I also have a decent assortment of sheet metal tools including pneumatic hammer and a couple of other shop built power hammers. 

I own both "modern" equipment and "arn" as the guys over at OWWM refer to old machinery.  I purchase whatever I need or can afford at the time that will do the job required.  I like rebuilding old machinery except I find it is rarely, if ever cost effective.  My "Baby Lathe" is a fully restored Craftsman/Dunlap 109-21270 6"X12" that I received from my great-uncle's estate and is a duplicate to the first lathe I was taught on as a child.  My current restoration project is a 1949 model Delta/Milwaukee 14" band saw.  I am in the process of refinishing the saw and will soon be adding a jack shaft transmission to allow me to slow the blade speed for metal work.

As I do a lot of work for income I frequently sublet work to outside vendors and will suggest from time to time that others consider doing the same.  I subscribe to the "Life is too short to struggle needlessly" school of thought.  If I do not have the equipment to handle a job, I will job it out.  Why waste time cobbling something together and running the risk of producing a less than desirable part? ???

Like most of the other members I got here from the HMEM group which I originally joined, thinking I would build a few model engines to take up the time I anticipate when I "retire".  The general attitudes and consensus rather put me off with that idea so I thought I might try this group.

Currently I have no "personal" projects going as I am spending a great deal of time working on my parent’s home.  Should time present itself I do have a pile of older sprint car parts I have been threatening to re-assemble as a “Classic”.  A late 60s Grant King chassis (complete with the bolt on roll cage), aluminum tail tank, CAE style nose piece, and a “mail box” hood of unknown manufacture will give the car a vintage “Midwest” appearance.  Power will probably be a .030. over 327 (331 CID) Small Block Chevy, breathing through a set of 2.02 intake “camel hump” heads and a mid 60s Enderle injector system.  The drive train will consist of an “In and Out” box, and a Champ “Quick Change”. 

Right now I need to get to work, so have fun, play safe and be nice to each other.

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Re: Obligatory Self Introduction
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2008, 11:49:48 AM »
Hi rog... , Were all new here ;D
As you may know some of us have wandered across from HMEM and found this to be an interesting place to pause  :)

I think that with a bit of build log posting and some more interesting stuff posted by a few members both current and future, that this forum has a great deal of potential.... we just got to attract more bodies!

If you don't mind me asking, What do you mean by
The general attitudes and consensus rather put me off with that idea
I have found only a few people to be a little sharp... most are quite humerous! Also I have learnt a great deal from there as to construction methods and machine techniques. I still quite like it there too ;D

I hope you will like this forum, as I said it requires some build logs to keep people coming back..... We all need to contribute to make it the place it soon will become  :D  (I just need to find something to build!!)

I am sure our paths will cross in the future, and I hope it is for a good reason  :)

I know what I know and need to know more!!!