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Electronics Pocket Handbook
« on: August 25, 2008, 06:41:46 AM »
Electronics Pocket Handbook
3rd edition
Prentice-Hall co.
small format pocket book
(Look for the the latest or highest edition number.


Another in the pocket handbook group, which had such great success with the two previous version of the pocket REF and the Industrial Maintenance Edition. It is a great basic and handy quick reference for the subversion and conversion of electronic things to other uses. along with figuring out what is wrong. Since more items are becoming electronic in the shop. Harbor Freight is now selling an electronic air pressure regulating gage.

    * Definitions,Formulas,and Charts
    * Component Data and Characteristics
    * Circuit Analysis and Design
    * Units,Conversions and Constants
    * Standards,Symbols and Codes
    * Tests and Procedures
    * Safety and Electrical Wiring
    * Dictionary of Computer and Electronic Terms

With drawings, charts symbols and pin out diagrams. Along with basic info for the computer. Stuff to get you buy the bumps in the shop when equipment refuses to work.
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