Author Topic: The American Century of John C Lincoln  (Read 1931 times)

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The American Century of John C Lincoln
« on: August 28, 2008, 06:47:03 AM »
The American Century of John C Lincoln
by Raymond Moley
Duell,Sloan and Pearce
Copyrightę 1962


The Lincoln foundation home page

The James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation, created in 1936, is the only organization in the United States solely dedicated to educating the public about the art and science of arc welding. Formed when the arc welding industry was in its infancy, the Foundation is now in its seventh decade of publishing educational texts and granting cash awards to recognize technical achievements.

It has some low cost very well prepared books on all aspects of welding and the industry, farm and home type welding. In addition they have a couple that will prove of interest to history buffs whether just American history, or Industrial history. I will be covering some of the books.

Having just received the following I have only read some of the highlights but, it does look extremely promising. Written by a prolific writer of historical politic, business, American history.
It covers the life and times of John C Lincoln and the Lincoln electric company. Filled with pictures, and inside information along with a listing of his patents form 1891 to his last in 1961. It looks like it is going to be a very good read.
you can get it here for $5.00
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