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Scrimshaw The Whaler's Legacy
« on: September 03, 2008, 07:09:09 AM »
Scrimshaw The Whaler's Legacy
by Martha Lawernce
Schiffer Publishing
ISBN# 0-88740-455-3


Another of the Ivory and Scrimshaw books, that gives a small view into the art and techniques of the old school way of doing things. Along with a wonderful look at a whale load of items done for the home, sweetheart and sale market.

    * Introduction
    * Dawn of an Industry
    * Golden age
    * The men who hunted whales
    * The raw materials of scrimshaw
    * Themes and techniques
    * Scrimshaw in the home
    * The legacy preserved: Scrimshaw collectors
    * The legacy continued: Contemporary scrimshanders
    * Bibliography
    * Index
    * Values reference

This book is truly a large collection in print of items of the scrimshanders art that most would never see. It is filled with large, well light photo's of all manner of things made from the whale bone and tooth. More photo's than verbage. But every photo has all needed information, for and about it.
This is a feast for the eyes of the collector, knife worker, jeweler or anybody that wants to incorporate it in to their work.
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