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J F Lincoln foundations book offerings
« on: September 01, 2008, 06:28:33 AM »
Well if anybody, that welds for daily bread. Structural, fabricating tubing,or weldments. Along with any type of Industrial welding, bridge welding, fabrication and erection or tubular structure welding . I strongly recommend that you check out the offering at The J F Lincoln foundation book store. Or below from $2.00 to $24.00 you can't find a better selection of material.

And they have 3 Projects books available, The books are divided into sections with projects describing procedures and a bill of material for each. The sections are: Agricultural, Home and Recreational,Shop Tools, and Trailers,Miscellaneous All are award winning designs from the foundations contests. And should have what one might be looking for.

J F Lincoln foundation

Design of Welded Structures
By Omer W. Blodgett, Sc.D., P.E.
832 pages, hardcover

By Omer W. Blodgett, design consultant

This reference handbook describes in detail design techniques for creating machine designs in arc welded steel. Much of this material has had no previous publication. Theoretical analysis, problem-solution examples and case history studies explain how to design machine components for manufacturing economies and improvement of product performance through efficient use of steel’s excellent physical properties.

Since its publication, this book has become a standard reference manual for design problems in welded metal products.

Design of Weldments includes 8 sections dealing with ‘Weldesign,’ a system that reduces weight and cost and improves production.

464 pages, 8 ˝” x 11”, 923 illustrations, nomographs, charts.

Principles of Industrial Welding

Designed as a reference and background text for students in welding technology, this book would be a valuable volume to anyone making a career in welding. The text has been intentionally simplified to give it widespread application to anyone associated with welding as a production process. The intent is to give a broad perspective of the fusion processes by which metals are joined, without over elaboration on specific subjects.

Processes which have widespread applications such as shielded metal-arc and semiautomatic self-shielded and gas shielded electrodes are discussed in considerable detail. Plasma-arc welding is discussed only briefly. This weighting of the topics is based on current usage of the welding processes in industry, and thus the proportionate career opportunities.

This book draws heavily on The Procedure Handbook published by The Lincoln Electric Company. (We would not recommend purchase if you have that book.) It also draws from standardizing and code literature from the American Welding Society, American Society of Metals, AISC, ASTM, API, AISI, ASME, and others.

384 pages, 8" x 10-3/4", gold-embossed hard cover.

Tubular Steel Structures, Theory & Design

Tubular Steel Structures presents guidelines for the structural analysis and design of thin-walled, large-diameter tubular structures, principally stacks, bins, horizontal storage tanks, pipelines and conveyor galleries. Dr. Troitsky presents the material systematically in 12 chapters, addressing such problems as edge effect and buckling stability. Derivations of equations, analysis, and formulas are also included. Recently revised.

The 384-page hardbound book is fully illustrated with drawings, charts, and tables.

Fabricators' and Erectors' Guide

Get your copy of the Fabricators' and Erectors' Guide

Weld Steel Bridges

Weight of Weld Metal Tables

8 ˝” x 11” Paperback

These tables provided the weights of weld metal and allowable strengths for most joints including J-grooves and various bevels. The computer derived tables were developed by Omer W. Blodgett, design consultant for The Lincoln Electric Co. They provide valuable information to engineers, supervisors, designers, and others responsible for maximizing economy in terms of weld metal usage.

Solutions to Design of Weldments

8 ˝” x 11” Paperback

This design brochure represents a collection of the most frequently encountered design problems experienced by Mr. Blodgett. The text gives sample problems and a solution recommended by Mr. Blodgett. Typical topics include: circumferential welds in torsion, longitudinal shear on 8 sided section, shock loading, and distortion. 78 pages.
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