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Asian Ivory
« on: September 04, 2008, 06:16:12 AM »
Asian Ivory
by Jeffrey B Synder
Schiffer Book
copyright 2007
Hard cover


A large format book with very well done macro photo's of the objects, some more than one if the details of the piece need them. With the needed information such as a makers mark(name, and picture along with location of mark) the major dimensions age/date, and any information that may be of interest.

Since most will never own any of the works shown in theses books, Due to limited number,and the rare event of the coming up for sale. Not to mention the restriction of sales of ivory in some states etc.

Another one for the knife, jewelry maker to find inspiration and some of the old ways of doing the techniques.



    * Okinmono (Japanese larger figurines)
    * Additional Ivory artifacts
    * Ivory itself
    * Beware modern Ivory

History of Ivory production

    * Chinese origins and development
    * Japanese Ivory
    * Japanese history: Tokugaawa to Meiji
    * Meiji Japan's art, artists, and art sellers as
      witnessed through Western eyes
    * Interview with a Japanese Ivory carver
    * The Myanmar case study
    * Symbolism, Chinese and Japanese

The scholar's life

    * Brush holders, wrist rest's, paper weights

Ivory figures

    * The Allure
    * The order of Curiosities and Dainty objects
    * fruit and Flowers
    * Landscapes
    * The Animal Kingdom
    * The Human Form


The above book and some of the others that I have listed can be found here at this book remainder seller at a discount even if it is a new and current version. For a lot of books at great prices
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