Author Topic: A daft idea?  (Read 2795 times)

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A daft idea?
« on: May 28, 2010, 09:59:01 AM »
Hi guys,

I have plans to construct a simple aluminium smelter. It's a real simple charcoal burner, with a basic blower (a hairdryer in the plans). But since this thing will be used WELL AWAY from the house I was wondering if a Stirling would be powerful enough to drive a fan and make the entire thing 'self contained'? It would save on electric and probably be more robust as well. I was thinking of 'tapping' some of the smelter's own heat as the external combustion required for the engine, but would a Stirling have enough 'oomph' to drive the fan at sufficient speed? I know that friction is the bane of most types of Stirling so I was just wondering really. Something along the lines of the one in this video .....

The easiest fan to use would be a centrifugal if I can find one small enough, or build one myself. It's a long term thing so time is less important than money.

Wadda ya all think?


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Re: A daft idea?
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2010, 11:01:57 AM »
Hi marshon

Good to here your getting into casting  :thumbup:  ,, i reckon you would be better off making a blower ,,,,, then casting up some part to make the hot air engine  :D

Cheers Rob