Author Topic: Scooter(tractor)seat roll-a-round  (Read 2064 times)

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Scooter(tractor)seat roll-a-round
« on: May 29, 2010, 10:45:10 PM »
Well I have had parts for a while to build a scooter seat one of the office chair bases with the 5 legs and rollers, a section of rigid electrical conduit left over from up grading my house's electrical service to 200 amps. All I was looking for is one of the old style wide scooter seats. A couple of people were going to give the ones they have in the garages, but none have panned out. And I have been waiting for the Horrible Fright version to go on sale or one comes back to the store for some reason, and I can score the seat.

Well I decided that I would use the ole style tractor steel seat, looked at TSC and they were 39.99 and up. Horrible Fright has the garden seat carts with a great seat and 11" acme thread and fitting that could be welded to the pipe. Plus they were on sale this weekend and had a 20% off coupon, not to mention the 4 10 inch balloon tires and rims.
Center section that I cut out
Acme threaded rod, and locking lever bottom of seat
Chair base with a metal center pillar,(will last longer than a plastic one) the conduit section is over it for fitting.
Locating and centering the post
Welded together, I used the Norton zirconium flap wheel to remove the galvanizing They do work real well
Just before the first test drive, Also found out that it is perfect height and uni-directional for the wife to use. Working along the garden next to the driveway pad and walkway.

Since she wanted me to add steering to her garden cart, have to get that done, so I can get my scot seat back Doh!
Almost forgot, the lowest height is about 19" and the high end is about 23 "

Also the holes in the center pipe towards the bottom are for welding to the center base pipe, once the height is figured out.
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