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Bigelow's PC Technician's Troubleshooting Pocket Reference
« on: September 09, 2008, 06:28:34 AM »
PC Technician's Troubleshooting Pocket Reference
By Stephen J Bigelow
Osbourne/McGraw Hill
Large small format pocket book paper back


First if this if this is a pocket book, you got real big pockets. It is composed of sections which are further divided into sub sections on what it is (problems) and then what to do about them.

Including some on the operating systems(software). It does have some drawings and charts, and some lists but no pictures.
The usual disclaimer or notice applies. That you should make sure, you have the latest edition or copyright year. As with all computers and electronics, it changes so fast. It should be in the lower double digits edition by now.

    * Preparing for service
    * Drive troubleshooting, all types
    * Input device troubleshooting
    * Modem troubleshooting
    * Motherboard trouble shooting
    * Video and sound troubleshooting
    * Controller troubleshooting
    * Command Reference
    * Appendix A the A1 checklist (A1 Certification)

The symptoms are listed in order of their most common appearance.It is a fairly easy to follow for the do it myselfer.
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