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Bieglow's Troubleshooting,Maintaining &Repairing PCs
« on: September 10, 2008, 06:14:12 AM »
Bieglow's Troubleshooting,Maintaining &Repairing PCs
by Stephen J Bigelow
Hard cover with companion CD of Diagnostics & Utilities


The usual disclaimer or notice applies. That you should make sure, you have the latest edition or copyright year. As with all computers and electronics, it changes so fast. It should be in the lower double digits edition by now.

This is another one that its good they don't charge by weight, as it would make a good door stop. Or super paperweight when not used for it's purpose. It is the desk reference companion to the previous pocket version.

It has 41 chapters, on everything that is connected to a PC computer.
Starting with desktops and towers, monitors, boot, opersating systems along with the preservice checkout.

Batteries,Bios,busses,CDRom chiopsets,CMOS, Data recovery Techniques,Error codes,Floppy drives, fans and cooling,Hard drives,joysticks,memory, mice and trackballs modems and monitors,Motherboards,ports,plug and play, Power protection,power supply,SCSI system, sound cards.

The disk has about 19 items on it with the instructions in the book on how to use it.
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