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4000 Animal,Bird &Fish Motifs
« on: September 22, 2008, 06:52:23 AM »

4000 Animal,Bird &Fish Motifs
A Sourcebook
by Graham Leslie McMallum
Batsford books
anovabooks book store site
ISBN#13: 9 780713 489392
Listed as available in England, Canada ans the US



This large volume, is filled with great line drawing that are made and laid out for ease of copying to use or modify for use in any field you choose. It covers the style from the first cave paintings, historical,regional,
ethnic and art deco designs. something for everybody if you will.

Set up in chapters of subject matter. So it is easy to locate,Chinese, Egyptian,Greek,a number of different ages of the Mesopotamia era's. Medieval, Celtic, Barbarian,Japanese, arts and crafts and art deco.
It also has a descriptive word index with what its doing if more than at rest.

Whether it for repouseÚ chasing,wire frame outline fillers for decorative screen and fence work. Or just silhouettes for plasma cutouts for weather or garden art vanes.
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