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Handbook of Pictorial Symbols
« on: September 26, 2008, 06:57:40 AM »
Handbook of Pictorial Symbols
3,250 examples from International sources
by Rudolf Modley
Dover Publishing
copyrightę 1976


They are everywhere, we look yet most people have a hard time describing some when asked. They are the ubiquitous pictorial symbols that have come into international use as a easily understandable information conveyance. No understanding of the language of the country your in.

This book is filled with them in both the pictorial section of occupations, people, activities,items, transportation etc. And the second section of public and government signage, As with every Olympic games hosted since they came into use. from tourist and road signs to way finder.

What is great about them is they can be adjusted to depict most anything you want. They can be used in silhouette plasma cut outs as to occupations, or equipment, Or in 3D sculptural pieces, signage of all kinds. or just as something to experiment with.

here is their site
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