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Gas and A C Arc Welding and Cutting
« on: September 28, 2008, 12:38:35 PM »
General Shop
Gas and A C Arc Welding and Cutting
by R F Jennings
McKnight & McKnight Publishers
copyright 1937


Originally I was going to include this book as just a historical eye candy. With the pictures of the secondary school students in their white shirts and ties welding in the shops. And the section on "Learning Factory methods" dealing with the students in a class working on production line methods to build the assigned parts.

Today the education weirdo's would probably find something wrong with the approach. There was an interesting section on burnt wood projects using all kinds of woods from knotty pine to pallet or crate wood.

It also answered the question why using the propane torches or old style gasoline blow torches doesn't yield satisfactory results. The flame temperature isn't hot enough to flash the softer pulp while singeing the harder parts and knots. Along with that using the oxy/acty torch and an Oxidizing flame you want to pass the inner flame cone touching the wood but keep it moving.

They also said it might be a good idea to practice first. And when using the wire brush, hand powered one preferred. Or a low speed motorized one "GO with the grain to clean up the soft material only".

Also they mentioned about making their own bronzed coated steel trim by flow melting bronze rod over the steel and hammer finishing it, if desired.

So don't dismiss these old school text books, if you come across any for sale as they contain some very useful information.
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