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Blueprint reading for welders
« on: September 29, 2008, 06:26:37 AM »
Blueprint reading for welders
1970 edition
by A E Bennett, Louis J Sly
Delmar Publishers


One of the most complete books on blueprint reading for welders. It is divided into Two sections and then divided again in to sub sections. The first section is Fundamentals of blue print reading.

Covering basic lines,basic views,notes and specifications along with dimensions. It then has an achievement review test, which is a short test, on the information covered.

It also covers structural shapes,other views,abbreviations and symbols. Along with sectional views and detail and assembly prints.

The second section covers the welding symbols themselves. Covers the structure of the symbol, and the abbreviations used with it. It then covers the fillet,groove,backing and melt-thru welds,plug and slot,surfacing,flash,up set,flange,spot,arc,resistance,arc seam,projection,resistance seam welds, and combination welds.

It also has review achievement tests at the end of each unit. Both questions and drawing space for the proper drawing of the symbols.

This book has been updated a couple times since my copy was printed. As Delmar is still making some of the most current books on skill set learning. It is in the 8th edition and selling new for about $100.
here is their site
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