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Sheet Metal
« on: September 30, 2008, 06:19:33 AM »
Sheet Metal
by Leo A Meyer
Hard Cover


The newest of my sheet metal books, It in addition to all the basics of the art of working with sheet metal.

Covering the tools and equipment,sheet metal types,safety in the shop,materials of the sheet metal trade.

Fasteners,using punches,drilling and riveting,folding edges,turning,burring,raising,forming,crimping,beading and grooving, along with soldering.

Drawing for pattern drafting,making and nothing simple patterns, parallel line development,triangulation,radial line development.

Describes sheet metal objects used in the building trades,short method of pattern development,supplementary projects,glossary and index.

Filled with multi-color/shaded drawings of patterns and finished items, B&W photos, charts etc covering all areas of the trade. With easy to understand, instructions on the layout and making on patterns for the compound duct work. It also covers working drawings and special notations used for sheet metal.

it is available here along with other books
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