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Sheet Metal shop Practice
« on: October 04, 2008, 06:05:52 AM »
Sheet Metal shop Practice
3rd edition
By Bruce & Meyer
American Technical Society
Hard Cover
LCCC# 65-12621


This text book is one of those old standby's, that has been printed every couple of years and revised and update every couple more. To keep current with the technology.

    * Opportunities unlimited
    * Sheet metal working tools and machinery
    * Safety in the sheet metal shop
    * Sheet metals and their characteristics
    * Using patterns and cutting metal projects
    * Punching,drilling.and riveting projects
    * Folding edges and making seams projects
    * Forming,crimping, beading and grooving projects.
    * Turning,burring and raising
    * Soldering projects
    * Drawing for pattern drawing projects
    * Making and notching simple patterns projects
    * Parallel line development
    * Triangulation
    * Radial line development
    * Plastic projects
    * Exotic Metals
    * Short Method of pattern development
    * Supplementary Projects,index

Covering the complete range of work done under the sheet metal heading including plastic forming and fabrication. As it was revised as the sheet goods of plastic types were coming on the scene in the 60's as a material used in the general building and equipment world.

Has a great chapter on soldering irons from forging of the head, to what makes a good joint,to the various types of fire pots used to heat the irons for use.

It is mostly built around the duct work and the seams for heating and ventilating work, since central heating was coming in when the book was written and the demand for tin knocker was high after WWII.

B&W photos,line drawings, charts and step by step drawings in the seaming chapter greatly reduce the confusion in making the various seams.
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